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The Czech Republic has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world and they have the traditions to back it up. In 850, there is evidence that hops were being grown in the Czech lands. The first recorded brewing was in 990 AD, by Bohemian monks, at the Břevnov Monastery near Prague Castle. Our Beer Tours explore 1500 years of continuous beer-love!
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Our Tours & Tastings

We love beer and the thing that gratifies us most in our work is transmitting our passion and enthusiasm to others. We have 3 different activities that help us showcase Czech Beer:


Czech Beer Tasting

Sample 7 varieties of Czech beer at our bar and learn the fundamental rules of correctly tasting beer in 1.5 hours.


Prague Brewery Tour

Sample 11 varieties of Czech beer at three different Prague microbreweries on this 3 hour walking tour.